The Alchemist Accelerator is a venture-backed initiative focused on accelerating the development of seed-stage ventures that monetize from enterprises (not consumers). The accelerator seeds around 50 enterprise-monetizing ventures / year.

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USA & Canada Accelerator Report 2015
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Ten B2B, Internet-of-Things Startups Pitch at Alchemist Demo Day 09.26.14
Alchemist Accelerator Launches Batch VII 09.26.14
Accelerating the Internet of Everything 05.05.14
Alchemist Startups Accelerate Internet of Things, with Help from Cisco 05.01.14
Alchemist Accelerator, Cisco Team Up to Nurture Internet of Things Startups 04.30.14
The Fascinating 50 – Ravi Belani, Managing Director, Alchemist Accelerator 03.11.14
Yes, Virginia, There are Startups Focusing on Enterprise Applications 01.27.14
‘Enterprise is Where the Money Is': Why Salesforce Backs Alchemist Accelerator 01.17.14
Meet the 2013 Enterprise Superstars 12.23.13
Alchemist Accelerator’s Fourth Class Practices a Different Brand of Startup Alchemy 09.05.13
Alchemist Accelerator’s Second Class Highlights Enterprise Startups in Flight Data Tech, Learning Management and More 03.27.13
Alchemist Accelerator Graduates Its First Class 01.18.13
Alchemist Accelerator Shows Off as Enterprise Investment Picks Up 01.18.13
Enterprise Accelerator, Alchemist, Bags Giant Backer, SAP Ventures; Adds Yammer CTO to Faculty 11.07.12
Enterprise Startup Accelerator Gets Funding Boost from Cisco 09.06.12
Stanford Instructor to Launch Accelerator for Enterprise Startups 05.08.12
GoodTime Nabs $2M to Match Job Applicants with Interviewers to Save Time and Build Rapport 08.21.17
Sempre Health Launches Behavior-based Healthcare Pricing Platform for Patients 07.17.17
This Startup Can Detect Intrusion & Make a Video Searchable 07.13.17
Pole Organizes the World of Freelancers 06.30.17
Shortlist Continues its Market Entry in the Enterprise Freelancer and Services Platform Space 06.13.17
Edyza Has a Way to Tap the Wisdom of a Crowded IoT Space 06.12.17
Shortlist Raises $1.5M to Help Businesses Manage their Freelancers 06.06.17
How Jesse Leimgruber Created a Successful Business — as a Student 05.08.17
Rigetti Computing Raises $64 Million in Series A and B Funding, Led by Andreessen Horowitz and Vy Capital 03.28.17
With $3.6M in Fresh Funding, YotaScale Optimizes Cloud Computing for Enterprises 02.16.17
How AI Startup Text IQ Got Profitable By Shaving Millions Off Customers’ Legal Costs 02.01.2017
“We Got Funded!” Dubai-Based HR Tech Startup Visage Raises Angel Investment 01.11.17
With a $1.5M Seed Round, Eloquent Labs Mixes AI and Mechanical Turk to Fix Customer Service 01.19.17
Security Startup CryptoMove Fragments Data and Moves it Around to Keep it Secure 01.19.17
Timekit Wants to Make It Easy to Build Your Own Online Booking System 01.17.17
Byte Foods Raises $5.5 Million for Smart Vending Machines that Serve Local Fare 12.28.16
LaunchDarkly Gets $8.7M to Get Access to the Right Features in Front of Right Users 12.20.16
GE Acquires Wise.Io to Deepen Its Machine Learning Stack 11.15.16
nanoPay Announces $10 Million in Series A Funding 10.26.16
Latina-led Silicon Valley Tech Company Raises $2M 10.20.16
Announcing the Winners of the Innovation Challenge in Africa 09.30.16
Watch Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day Right Here 09.29.16
Workflow Software Startup Scoro Raises $1.9 Million Seed Round 08.23.16
Scoro Emerges With $1.9M to Organize Work 08.23.16
DeferPanic Announces Industry’s First Managed Unikernel Platform 06.10.16
8 Most Ambitious Startups From Lithuania 05.30.16
YotaScale Emerges to Tackle Cloud Computing Complexity 05.24.16
Metadata raises $2M to help advertisers target users who resemble their existing sales leads 05.20.16
Gamifying Healthcare to Reduce Costs Sempre Health Launches from the Alchemist Accelerator 05.20.16
Appdirect Makes Cross-Cloud Search Vendor Xendo Its Sixth Acquisition 03.24.16
MoEngage Launches NATIV to Help App Marketers Bypass Engineering and Boost Engagement 03.16.16
Cisco Buys Synata to Boost Collaboration Search Tools 03.08.16
Here’s the Fastest Way to Get Packages to Your Front Door (No, It’s Not Drones) 02.24.16
BrightFunnel Raises $6M To Connect Marketing And Revenue 12.02.15
Antimatter Rockets Could Make Humans An ‘Interstellar Species’ 10.16.15
MoEngage Raises $4.25M Series A To Grow In The U.S. 09.14.15
Search Startup Qbox Raises $2.4M To Develop A Front End For Non-Technical Users 08.28.15
LaunchDarkly, A StartUp That Helps Companies Soft-Launch Features, Raises $2.6M 06.04.15
That Smart Gadget You’ve Always Wanted, But Nodoby’s Selling? Make It Yourself With Nascent Objects 05.28.15
Palo Alto Networks Acquires Cybersecurity Company CirroSecure 05.27.15
Zuora Buys Customer Analytics Provider Frontleaf, Unveils Z-Insights 05.20.15
How Waygum Built An End-to-End Mobile Platform For Industrial IoT 04.28.15
Spanning Continents, PlayVox Picks Up $1.5M to Gamify Call Centers 03.30.15
Waygum Raises $1.5M to Mobilize The Industrial Internet of Things 03.27.15
The Promises and Perils of Synthetic Biology 03.11.15
Why I’m In An Accelerator — The Inside Story 01.22.15
Creative Defense: Crowdsource Your Hackers 12.16.14
Interview With Jacob Hansen, Cofounder Of Crowdcurity, A Bitcoin Application Security Provider 12.12.14
Learn Immersive Teaches Languages in Virtual Reality 12.09.14
Meet The Startup That’s Using Drones To Change The World 11.08.14
Cisco Announces Winners of IoT Innovation and Security Grand Challenges 10.15.14
BrightFunnel Raises $2.5M For Its Marketing Prediction Software 10.09.14 Raises $1.25M for Mobile ‘Virtual Nurse’ Service 09.22.14
Xendo Introduces Search Across Cloud Services At Disrupt SF 09.10.14
Student-run Startup Lands $1.5M to Help Advertisers Find Bloggers Who’ll Promote Them 08.27.14
Cisco Announces Acquisition of Assemblage 06.27.14
Cisco Buying Collaboration App Provider Assemblage for Internet-of-Everything 06.27.14
Cisco Buys Assemblage to Keep Pushing Modern Collaboration 06.27.14
Cisco Buys Browser-Based Collaboration Vendor Assemblage 06.27.14
Dropbox Buys MobileSpan, a Ticket to Enterprise Security 06.10.14
Dropbox For Business Acquires MobileSpan To Make Bring-Your-Own-Device More Secure 06.10.14
Mobile Shopping Solution Streamlines Sales for Event Crowds 05.12.14
ShoppinPal Engages Consumers On Social And Location-Based Apps 05.12.14
Oomnitza swoops into big IT shops & tracks all their gear 05.01.14
Drone Dream: This Startup Plans to Bring Cheap Drone-Based Shipping to Developing World 05.01.14
Mixed Dimensions Raises ~$1M To Make 3D-Design Tools For The Masses 04.15.14
Mixed Dimensions Emerges With Funding And Dreams Of Easier 3-D Printing 04.15.14 Raises $2.5M for Machine Learning, Simplified 03.17.14
Star Scientists Behind Get Series A to Solve Your Customer Mysteries 03.17.14
Inspired by Astrophysics, Machine Learning Startup Raises $2.5M 03.17.14 Grabs $2.5M to Bring Machine Learning for the Cosmos Right to Your Business 03.17.14
Big Data Picks Up the Pace 03.05.14
Interface Languages and Features Discovery 03.05.14
Startup Spotlight: Helps Publishers Automate Digital Ad Campaign Fulfillment 02.21.14
With this Acquisition, Otoy Wants to Bring Even the Biggest Software into the Cloud 02.20.14
Instant Messaging Is Going Corporate 02.17.14
Box Acquires Cloud Management Startup Airpost 02.20.15’s Shift Hints at the Future of Sending Software to Clouds 02.07.14 Lightweight IM Bridging Enterprise and Customers 01.27.14
Startup Frontleaf Aims to Keep People Using Your Software 01.23.14
Ditch the Car, Virtual Nurse Makes Home Visits 01.22.14

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